Delhi Light and Music Center being sole distributor of FBT (ITALY) in India analyzed the present falling economic trend of the market and decided to go for a launch and promotion of the F B T professional audio equipment on 29 March 2013 at Kolkata for the costumers of Eastern and North East states of India .Kolkata being business hub for these states has tremendous potential for future growth in the field of sound and music.

A Workshop comprising seminar, equipment display, live demonstration with band and, presentation followed by a Galla dinner party, was organized on 29 March 2013 at Swabhumi near Saltlake Kolkata. 258 Audio Professionals (Distributers, Dealers, and Sound Engineers) attended and took keen interest in the equipments and appreciated the performance of all products displayed in the event.

Live band with the help of FBT audio system in the night sounded really well, all the professionals appreciated the Crystal Clear Sound produced by FBT system, also complimented and thanked to FBT.

Mr. Gopal Dass Dev from Raja Electricals Kolkata who initiated and put in his best for the successful ongoing and completion of the event was awarded with the Appointment of dealer of FBT Professional Audio equipment for complete Eastern and North Eastern region of India by Mr Pooran Rawat, the owner and director Delhi Light And Music Center New Delhi during his closing address of the event.

All guests attended the event were complemented with vote of thanks and were presented with one FBT Tee shirt and FBT Catalogue Book in a carrying bag duly marked with "FBT".



Two Type of line Array :

A. Modus 15- 2,Modus-40 2, Modus sub-04 all powered with FBT Symbol 12000 & 18000 Amplifier racks with DMC -26 speaker management system & Live Digital Mixer Venue-SC-48.
B. Qube Line array QSA-112-4, QSA-118S-2, Qube PA-360 Amplification & SP-27 Speaker Management System. Live digital mixer venue-SC-48.

Stage monitors :

2 Front Stage Monitor Stagemax 12MA, Side Fills Speaker-2, Vertus CLA-208s & Vertus CLA 604A on L & R, 2 Nos Himax x60 for drummer using AKG C1000s Microphone, Shure SM-58, SM57 & Hand C/L ULX-P etc.